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Women and Nudism

Giving cover for the adventurous gardener

Our resort now has some beautiful new plantings, and hopefully some new members. A gardening club decided on an adventurous field trip, and planted a dozen butterfly encouraging bushes around the property. They rationalized that this nudist club was an under appreciated habitat for the butterfly population. They also rationalized that they would have to fit in with the local state of dress, and with a bit of obvious coyness stated that they didn't really want to be out of their street clothes, but if that was what was required to do their gardening job, well then that's what they would do. The ladies had made up gardening aprons for the job, and with management approval would be practicaly nude, wearing only the the aprons. Initially it was offered that the club would be welcome to wear whatever they wanted to, but the ladies soundly, (but privately) admitted that it gave them plausible cover to say that they were only stripping down because it was required. And so, a half dozen women, of various ages and walks of life had a great day gardening, getting some sun on their cheeks. They did admit that when they come back to check on their plants that nobody should be surprised if they "forget" to bring their aprons.

Bridal shower at a nudist resort

What a great idea! This weekend I met a group of ladies who were celebrating a bridal shower in the nude. Their explanation was so logical and empowering. They wanted to work on their tans without the annoyance of tan lines, and they wanted to feel their best before the big day. The bride-to-be be was a regular nude tanner, but never beyond her own protected patio. It was one of the bridesmaids who had the idea to hold the party at a nudist resort. She stated, and I couldn't agree more, that a weekend at the club, in the nude, gave her a sense of confidence and strength. Obsessing over perceived imperfections seems to go out the window when in the company of nudists, and the feeling of boldness that is earned with so many peoples first time visits is a wedding gift in its own right. Cheers to the bold bride and her fantastic friends. Their joi de vivre was inspiring to be around, and we wish them all the best.

First Nudist Experience

My first time experience, was when Glen Eden Sun Club, Corona, CA. had a open house for any one interested in checking out the club. I had known about G.E.S.C. for some time. But never had the nerve to check it out. I mentioned it to a female friend of mine if she wanted to go. She was just as curious about it as me. So we both went without any hesitation. Until it came time to disrobe, then that's another story.

I was somewhat embarrassed at first, but after a while it became very natural to be "clothes free." Especially being able to swim in the pool without the restrictions of wearing a tight, uncomfortable bathing suit. The feel of the water all over one's body, is amazing! You certainly wouldn't take a shower or bathe with a bathing suit. So why would you wear a suit while swimming?

I just think that people need to think out of the box once in awhile. Try something different for a change. It is a good feeling to shed your clothes. Clothes don't make the person anyway, it's what's inside that matters. I would suggest putting this on everyone's bucket list. Have a great nude day!

Blame It On the Doctor!

I'm an unlikely nudist who came about becoming a nudist because of my doctor:

It all started with a backache. After many days of pain I finally went to my doctor. She checked me out and told me that she didn't see anything, but with low back pain it would be necessary to have a gynecological exam to ensure that all was well inside me and not causing back pain. Though I was 28 years old, I'd never had an ob/gyn check-up and was terrified. The doctor, Joan, made an appointment for me to come back to her in two days for the exam. These were two of the longest days of my life.

Why such a big deal over a medical exam? I had huge body issues. Taking a shower or using the toilet required me to close my eyes because I simply couldn't see myself like that. I slept fully clothed, right down to shoes and a belt. (Yes, there were reasons for this fear, but it's not something to discuss here.) In short, if I couldn't even use the toilet with my eyes open, how in the world would I ever get through this kind of exam???

The day of the exam came and I tried my hardest but completely freaked out. Not just a little. A lot. We're talking getting a "calm down" shot and calling the medical practice's psychologist in to the room to calm me down. The exam got done and revealed no problems, but it was clear to me that this couldn't continue.

So I did what any self-respecting 28 year old did in 2003: I Googled "body acceptance." Imagine my surprise to see a page full of links to nudist sites. Surely this wasn't the answer to my problem-I just needed a self-help book to fix me up and I'd be fine. But there was no self-help book and I felt I had no choice but to conquer my fears. So I clicked on a nudist website, which turned out to be nothing like I had expected. And it also turned out to change my life forever.

Within that site I found message boards and, after reading numerous messages, posted a question about whether this strange lifestyle would ever be possible for me. I hoped to hear that it would not, but, instead, met people who could help. After only a short amount of time, I was showering with my eyes open. Then I was enjoying a little bit of nude time after the shower. Within a short period of time, you couldn't keep clothes on me.

What a wonderful and healing gift nudism has been to me! My old fears surrounding the body and nudity are completely gone. I've also been told by family and friends that my personality has changed dramatically in that I am no longer shy and quiet but am now happy to speak with others and far more confident. Nudism is powerful that way. And a whole lot less expensive than the years of therapy that many people would expect due to the severity of my difficulties--the only costs were for some new towels and sunscreen!

From Birth

I always look up to my mother. She was the one that first introduced me to nudism. My mother divorced my father, and I never saw him again, but I didn't mind because I hated him anyway, and he abused me. It was only my sister, mother and me.

From birth my family was comfortable with being nude. We weren't full nudists, but we were fine walking to and from the shower nude, and stuff like that.

But when I was 14, I started to grow uncomfortable with my body. Were my breasts too big? Too saggy? Was my labia too weird? These questions plagued me. So I asked my mother whether my vagina was normal. She told me that it was normal, but I didn't believe her.

So she told me of how she knew a place where I would feel comfortable with my body. She took me to a nudist beach.

I looked at all the women and saw how they all were different. Some of their breasts were tiny, and some of them were huge. Some of their vaginas looked neat and tidy, others looked large and noticeable. From then on in I saw how different everyone is, and how beautiful the naked female body is. When my sister had similar feelings, my mother and I took her there as well.

It turned out that my mother had been a nudist for quite a while, and it was one of the reasons my father left her. After that, all my time spent at home was naked, and the same went for my mother and sister. Even now, years later, I still visit nudist beaches. I still stay nude whenever I can. I still visit my mother and sister, and we are all naked.

It is just a great feeling to be so comfortable with each others' bodies.