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The Nudist Traveler

A Note About Avalon

While traveling on vacation recently with my family we decided to stop at Avalon as there are no hotel/motels anywhere near that area with an indoor pool. We've been AANR members for awhile and visiting a nudist resort was nothing new to us. Using a resort as a hotel room while traveling was. We arrived late afternoon, a couple of hours after that had a delicious dinner which was very reasonably priced, and a little while after dinner headed for the indoor pool.

While my wife soaked and relaxed in the hot tub, I joined some other folks in a spirited bout of pool volleyball and my daughter had fun playing with some other children who were also visiting. I was struck by the fact that nobody in the pool area got upset when they got a few drops of water on them or a beach ball landed near them because the children were having fun playing in the pool, a stark contrast to some other resorts my family and I have visited.

At Avalon the folks seemed to just take it in stride. The next morning, we re-packed the car, checked out and resumed our trip. After we left my wife and I both commented about how happy we were that Avalon was truly a family-friendly and kid-friendly resort. The atmosphere was very casual and the folks that were there worked hard at keeping it that way. Everyone we met was truly a delight to talk to and very friendly. Before we stopped for lunch that day we had already promised each other we would stop there every time we have the opportunity.

While we won't be able to return very often we not only plan a return visit on our next trip up that way we would be happy to recommend a visit to Avalon to anyone looking for a family-and-kid-friendly place with a casual atmosphere in which to relax. After our overnight stay we arrived at our destination feeling relaxed instead of experiencing the usual tired feeling we would normally have. Thank you, Avalon, for a wonderful experience. My family and I hope to repeat it as often as possible.

Orient Beach

We first visited St. Martin on a cruise 17 years ago. After very little hesitation, we conformed to the dress code (undress code?). The people there are extremely friendly. I guess if you're not afraid to disrobe in public, you are probably an outgoing and sociable person. Over the past several years our sole destination to travel has been St. Martin. I have never been more relaxed than vacationing in the altogether. I am now committed!

Cape D'Agde

After have day-tripped to a variety of nudist resorts and beaches, we decided it was time for a real naked vacation. So, we booked a week at the beach in France, nude. The "Camp Naturiste" at Cape D'Agde includes several different residential and camping areas each with restaurants, stores and bars.

The really cool thing was that we shared the beach with people of all nationalities and unlike other tourist destinations, you really couldn't tell where someone was from until they spoke. There were none of the clues we're all so used to watching for - sandals with socks, t-shirts etc.

We saw naked families with little kids, naked old people, piercings and tattoos...a little bit of everything. We shopped in the nude and ate in the nude on the balcony of our apartment, while watching other naked people walk to and from the beach.