The World of Nude Recreation As Told By You

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The Nudist Traveler


I was in Osaka,Japan, to design textiles, the work long and of high detail. One evening, searching the hotel, I came upon a bath house. I peeked and saw a sparkling room of white tile, tile tables were set up all over with large pools of ice water in the floor. I entered and there were men speaking of the day's gains.

Respectfully, I was told, strip and shower, of course I did. It was a great 3 hours, nude and speaking to Japanese nudists about profits and loss after a scrub massage and miso soup. They told me to come back the next night for poker and sushi Sunday. What great nudists they were nightly.

Cross Country Travel

Recently my best friend and I made a cross country trip to visit various historical sites. Among these were San Antonio (The Alamo), Tombstone, and the Hoover Dam/Bridge.

We had two great experiences during this trip. First - we rented a car for two weeks from Budget. I used my AANR membership to get us about $100 in savings! This alone was worth the membership!

Second, we spent two nights at Mira Visita Resort in Arizona. What a GREAT place! The food was great, the rooms (we had a two room suite) very good, top Internet access, and a new pool they call the "conversation pool." It works!

My buddy is from Sweden and had no issue with my desire to spend some time nude. But by the time we left Mira Vista, he was sold on the nudist resort for complete relaxation! I might even get him to join AANR soon!

I just wanted to write a short clip of our adventure and say to everyone - use the benefits of AANR, and visit resorts that are out there.

What a great trip!

Raft Trip

In 2002 the Wildflowers nonlanded club was having a raft trip down the Grand Canyon. I decided to try to go on that trip of a lifetime. Since my wife had died I had been eating lunch at Mike's at the yard, a hamburger place at the stockyard in Petaluma, Cal. They had the best hamburgers in Sonoma County with such delights as the stinky breath burger (covered with a generous handful of roasted garlic, a cheese burger (bleu cheese instead of American cheese)plus all the other usual things, onions, tomatoes, pickles, etc. Just great burgers.

I asked a waitress there if she would like to go on the raft trip. She said it sounded like a fun thing to do. I said I would give her all the information about the trip the next time I had lunch there; I didn't mention to her that it was a clothing optional trip at that time.

I went home, got on the computer and printed out all the information on the AANR Web page including the FAQ's and put them in an envelope. The next time I went to Mike's for lunch I gave her the envelope and told her to take it home and read the information.

The next time I saw her I asked her what she thought. She said she was still interested but didn't think her boyfriend would like her going nude around other people. I told her she ought to go and just surprise him with her all over tan when she got back.

Unfortunatly, the trip was sold out and no one had canceled so we didn't get to go. She was a student so she couldn't go on the Mexican cruise.

Mexican Cruise

I took the Bare Necessities cruise to Mexico. I drove down to Glen Eden Sun Club, the jumping off point for the cruise. We were transported to Long Beach by bus to the ship.

Glen Eden allowed RVs to park there while we were on the cruise. The ship, one of Carnival's, was chartered for the trip and nudity was allowed as long as we were not in port. Along the way there were shore excursions, usually to places where nudity was possible.

The cruise went down the west coast of Mexico, stopping at most of the tourist spots. Most of the time while in port it was possible to be nude on the ship since the docks were not near populated areas and you stayed out of sight from shore. The swimming pool was not visible from shore. The cruise was a lot of fun, the food was always great and plentiful.

After the first two days I used the stairs. You will put on weight if you use the elevators to get between floors!

First RV Trip

My first RV trip. Over Thanksgiving of 2002 I drove to So. Cal. for two Dachshund field trials. I planned to stay over Thanksgiving at Glen Eden Sun Club and go to the field trial site Friday. I ate Thanksgiving dinner at Glen Eden. The dinner was excellent!

I enjoyed a nice swim before dinner and sat by the pool after and enjoyed the sun. My summer tan was about faded out so I was able to extend its life a little longer. My Doxie had 25 points toward her Field Championship and had her required first place win. She needed another 10 points to earn her Field championship.

On Saturday she was confused and didn't get called back for more judging. She had earned all of her points in No. Cal. running jack rabbits and in So. Cal. We were running cotton tails. The scent was new for her and she was in one of the first braces so had little time to get use to the strange scent. Sunday was a different story! She ran beautifully! She was called back again and again. She earned her championship, but had to stay out to run against the winner of the open dog stakes. She defeated the winning dog, so she had to stay out to run against the winner of the Champion stakes at the end of the day. She had been out all day and was pretty tired by the time she had to compete against the winner of the champion stakes. She got on the scent, but only went about 20 ft. She came back to me, like I'm done for the day!

The trip south to Glen Eden was very nice and I, along with my dog, had a great time. I decided I would return to Glen Eden when ever I was in So. Cal.