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The Nudist Traveler

Being nude in the Catskills

While going to a swap meet in Rhinebeck,NY I decided to visit Juniper Woods in Catskill,NY.There is plenty of camping places,hook ups for RV's a nice club house and good hiking trails along with a heated pool.I had a very nice visit and have met new nudist friends while I was there.I will come back again and I highly recommend their resort.Jim & Peg have a first class nudist resort.

Nude Cabin

My wife and I couldn't go to a Florida tan-lines-free vacation as planned this year. So she wanted to have just a weekend getaway. We found a rental cabin in a National Park, close to a theme park. The cabin had an outdoor hot tub, a big king size bed and all the comforts of home. We assumed it was more secluded, but it was not. We reserved it and went on our mini vacation. We got to our cabin, unpacked, and took in the view. We saw the hot tub out back with the view into the woods. The whirlpool tub was out in the open, so you could see right out the door to the next cabin. We didn't waste time stripping down and jumping in the hot tub. All weekend we had nothing but a smile on our face. With the doors wide open, we could be found on the deck or in the hot tub. Our neighbors would see us, smile, and wave. We'd wave back, still not wearing anything. We'd get dressed and go see the sites, do a little shopping. But when we got back to the cabin, our clothes were off. It was a relaxing weekend that we never wanted to end. We are making plans for our next getaway vacation. Don't know where or when, but we will be clothes free again.

Fuerteventura - integrated nudism

Fuerteventura, one of the Canary islands, was a revelation. The few nudist beaches I have seen so far were strictly defined with borders and signs on both ends of the beach. Sometimes it feels like you are in a camp. The Fuerteventura nudist resort on the Northeast coast was very different. As soon as you left the resort, there were endless beaches and there were no signs anywhere. Also, on the beach there was a mix of clothed and nudist visitors without any rules. A nice type of nudist anarchism. It appeared the beaches on the entire island were clothing optional and this was the most natural experience possible.

Nude on the Paradise Island of Bali, Indonesia!

I went to this event last year at Freedom Bali which is the paradise island in Indonesia. It's happening again, there is a Meet-Up event from November 19th. It's 5 nights all inclusive! Luxury room, nude butler, all you can eat and drink, snacks, massages - EVERYTHING! Here is the link: It was amazing last year and the year we'd love to see some American nudies there this time.

Always looking for new places when we travel

We're avid nudists. We visit Cypress Cove every spring and really enjoy the friendships we've developed over the years. That's a full 10 days though and we started to look for "Mini stays." Now we try and build visits to nudist resorts every time we travel.

For example, this summer we left an extra day in a trip to visit Bare Oaks, an AANR resort we've wanted to visit for a long time. Just a couple of weeks ago we flew to Colorado for the first leg of a trip. We really didn't have any plans but had a reservation for Mountain Air Ranch outside of Denver. We ended up staying 3 days because the people and the surroundings were so great.

Now we make it a point to seek out nudist resorts as part of every trip. We meet great people and get extra relaxation.