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Nudist & Proud

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I've decided to own my nudism more proudly, and when appropriate, not shy away from admitting to being a nudist. I try not to be pushy with the notion, but when asked where my favorite local hiking spot is, I've acknowledged that it's at 'that nudist resort up north'. I'm still cautious around situations that could prove complicated like work, but I figure that letting folks know that there are nudists around them, and that we're just like them, is a bit of positive marketing for the cause.

Nudist since I was 12

I started as a home nudist when I was 12 years old.I never liked to sleep in pj's and would pull them off in bed.My parents finally said that would be ok to sleep nude and be nude while in the house,except when company was over! As I got older I would take nude hikes in the woods.It was such a great feeling to be clothes free and to be in tune with nature.I joined the local nudist resort near my home and I have met many new nudist friends.And I am now a proud member of the AANR as of this month!I am now 58 years old and I have loved my nudist life style to this day.

I am proud, that I am a nudist

I am a nudist and I am proud of it, not ashamed, I practice nudity in my house everyday. I took off my clothes at day and night, and feel very much comfortable, I hate to wear clothes and want to forget my shirts and pants. I do everything like face, whatsapp ,chatting ,playing games and other daily works naked, and enjoy nudity. It gives me so much pleasure. But my family is very conservative, they can't accept my nudity, and my friends are also not supported it, they regard me as uncivilized for it, but I don't care, I love nudism and I am a naturist, I will practice it always .I am proud to be naked,and need your support

Life Changing Decision to Go Nude 24/7, 365

My nudist experience started when I was a kid growing up. All kids love to run around nude but there came a time when my parents(non-nudists) made me wear clothes. During my teenage years, I would go around the house, watch tv, and sleep and walk to the shower nude. My mother was always telling me to put clothes on but I often didn't.

Growing up on a lake in northern NJ, after the beaches closed, my friends and I often went skinny-dipping. When I went away to college, I tried to be nude as often as I could by walking to and from the shower nude. This is where I met my future wife and when she came to visit we often went skinny-dipping.

During our honeymoon, we went to a nude beach and upon returning I would go nude as often as possible. I tried to get my wife to join me but she wouldn't. We took a trip on our 11th anniversary to Couples in Jamaica and spent time on the nude island and relaxed on our balcony nude. After this trip I thought I had her convinced to live a nudist lifestyle but no such luck, she was always worried about what people would say.

Being a teacher by trade, I managed a pool during the summer time. When I wasn't working, my son and I were home. Most of the time we were nude. After work at the pool, I often swam laps for exercise nude. After 17 seasons, I had to find a new summer job. I went to work for a lab company taking water samples at pools and lakes, so I ran around in a bathing suit all day. This may have been the best summer job I ever had.

My life changed for the better because I had to go take water samples at the Rock Lodge Nudist Club. After going to Rock Lodge the first time, I was hooked and became the permanent water sampler for the next four summers (upon request). Rock Lodge was always the last stop on my run, so I could enjoy the freedom of being nude. I often visited the Club on my days off and have been a member for the past 5 years. Once the members found out I was the nude water tester they just laugh because they never had anybody do it before. I now work weekends at the Club.

Five years ago, my son went away to college and I decided to live as a full time nudist. I was nude all the time much to the dismay of my wife. I tried to get her to join me but she wouldn't, so after 31 years of marriage we went our separate ways. Since moving into my own house, I only wear clothes when I have too. On my front door is a sign that says "Clothing Optional Beyond This Point." So anyone who comes to my house is welcome to disrobe and join me.

I continue to many activities outside of my house nude. These include: hiking, yoga, yard work and swimming. Being an avid golfer, I'm trying to find a course where I can play 18 holes nude.

After going nude for so many years and hearing my ex-wife complain I'm free to be nude when I want, how often I want and with whomever I want. Being a full time nudist has been a rewarding and enlightening experience. Upon retirement, I hope I will never have to wear clothes again.

Wanting to attenda nudist event activity

I like to use my MT bike a different trails and such. I keep an eye open for places to quietly park and disappear near a nice clear stream, take off my shorts shoes and (mans) thong and immerse my self in the slowly flowing clear cool water. The water passing over my unclothed torso is fantastic. Sometimes I stay a half hour or more -it is just awesome! Would like to find a group in New Hampshire to share my time with, Been doing this yearly for a while. Would be great to do as a group.