Great Places to Visit

This year has presented the world with a special set of challenges – from illness and loss of loved ones to long stretches of working from home. By the time the coronavirus is finally finished with the human race, the desire to travel will have blossomed from a “maybe someday” thought to a “let’s get going” kind of determination.
The AANR website ( tells the traveling public where all of the clubs are, and visiting them is an ambitious goal.
For some intrepid nudists, the idea of experiencing social nudism in another country is alluring after a long stay inside the house. When I first began researching for this article, I looked on the internet country by country and finally found the best resource for finding nudist opportunities outside of the U.S. and Canada – the International Naturist Federation (INF).
On the INF website,, nudist opportunities are listed by continent. A click on Africa will reveal the national nudist organizations in South Africa, Cameroon, and Senegal. 
There are so many locations to be found by starting at that a tour of all of them would take several lifetimes. So why not settle on one club to look at? Vritomartis Hotel and Bungalows is a nudist resort in Crete, which is the largest of the Greek islands. There is a bus from the airport in Chania – which is 1½ hours from the resort – or a taxi for 95 Euros. People unafraid of braving the Greek drivers can also rent a car.
The hotel rooms at Vritomartis Hotel and Bungalows are a bargain in two ways. First, the price is not exorbitant (rates can be found on Second, a night in the hotel comes with breakfast and dinner. The huge breakfast buffet includes eggs, meat, yogurt, muesli, and a variety of other delicacies. At the dinner buffet, guests can enjoy a large variety of local cuisine and American food. Dinner is late enough in the evening to allow a full day of exploration.
Speaking of exploration, visitors can take rental cars all around the island or hike, but Vritomartis Hotel and Bungalows also sets up excursions for guests who are interested in more than lolling out by the pool or on the beach.
Over the past several years, five couples who are members of Sun Meadow Resort have visited Vritomartis Hotel and Bungalows and all have returned with positive reviews. Vritomartis Hotel and Bungalows is far from the only nudist location to be found. Venture out and visit as many clubs in the United States as possible, and when the time is right, find out what the world has to offer. 

Taken from the AANR Monthly Bulletin, "Across the Board" brings information and thoughts from the Governing Board of AANR to you. The Board values your membership and wants to make sure that it is doing what is right for the members and clubs. The first step is good two-way communication.