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Adventures in the Summer
This has been a wild couple of months for me. The shelter-in-place order and social distancing have helped me get a lot of stuff done around the house. The lack of legislative action has also slowed the need to review bills across the states. I’m also in the middle of the election for AANR Trustee without the opportunity to meet and greet. That is tough for someone who likes to socialize. 
Hopefully, members can begin to go outside. My time on the computer, and social interactions via the internet, tell me there are a lot of members out there in the same boat. 
I’m optimistic members are going to be visiting their favorite spots, and I have plans each June to spend a long trip in the trailer. Since trips have been out of the question in the last two months, this will also be a chance to see if everything is in order with the fifth wheel. I need to make sure I am ready for the big trip in July and August. I will be visiting Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas for the AANR-West meeting and the AANR Convention. I’m looking forward to visiting Star Ranch in McDade, Texas, and Shangri La Ranch in New River, Arizona.
I‘m anxious to see if the plans the government affairs team (GAT) has worked on at the beaches have resulted in better working relationships with the city and county staff in California. I’m planning on visiting San Luis Obispo County to see how Pirate’s Cove is doing. GAT has not heard of any issues at Black’s Beach in San Diego, Pirate’s Cove near San Luis Obispo County, or Bonny Doon Beach, which is north of Santa Cruz. 
Nude Recreation Week will soon be here and, this year, that should be a really big celebration. All of the projections I have seen have the country open for business by July. June is looking like the time most of the members will be able to venture out. I hope all of the members have weathered the shelter-in-place order and I look forward to hearing about their adventures this summer.