Your Voice Counts
This February should be busy with the prospect of Super Tuesday in early March causing many of the potential political leaders to make promises about what they will do for us in the future. The AANR board will also be meeting in early February to plan what AANR can accomplish in 2020. 
The U.S. political climate seems to be focused on what one party can do to hurt the other, rather than what can be done about issues that clearly affect our quality of life. Locally the government affairs team can see some glimmer of hope. Florida should have a new nude beach publicly recognized by the elected officials of St. Lucie County. In California, the government affairs team is the same will be true in Santa Barbara County. In both cases, the local involvement of nudists supporting the nude-use is the factor driving the decisions. 
Keep in mind, local involvement is your opportunity to affect change that has a wider impact. The team interested in Lighthouse Beach continues to meet with the newest superintendent to educate him on the role the government affairs team can play in policing nude-use. The government affairs team comes from the position that legitimate nude-use of public lands works in environments all across the country and in other countries with a healthier attitude about nudity. 
Membership supports these efforts. The team members locally appreciate the efforts the government affairs team provide in supporting them when they meet with their officials, and they mention the support when citing why nude-use is important on public lands. Whether it is signing a petition in support of local nude-use, your membership in a recognized nudist association, or a club membership — your voice counts. 
The number of voices backing a position is important to local policy makers. The ability to get local community involvement in the efforts to expand nude-use counts. When it can be shown with petition signatures and membership counts that the community is supportive of nude-use, local area elected officials take note. As AANR moves though 2020, the government affairs team will continue to fight to expand nude-use for everyone.