The World of Nude Recreation As Told By You

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Friends, Family and Nudism

Nude Family Household

Our family household has always been a barefoot & nude one for as long as my sister & I can remember. While dad was off fighting for our country my mom & her sister raised us-until he came home. We grew up in a warm/hot location (Florida). Both my mom & our aunt did everything barefooted & nude in our house/my aunt's apartment year round. They were both of the mindset that not only was nudism was healthy, pure & natural, but comfortable. We were also taught not only is the nude figure beautiful & a work of art but to look beyond what someone is wearing,(clothes don't make the man or woman it's what's inside their heart that matters & get to know the individual.) We all did & do wear clothes- (flip flops sometimes) if we went out ),but once we got home & inside everything came off. We did have close personal friends & next door neighbors who were perfectly comfortable with our being nude at home. They were often invited & encouraged to take off their clothes & join us if they chose to & they always did.

Although my sister & I are all grow up (I have a girlfriend & she has a boyfriend)nothing has changed within our family's household, we are still a barefoot & nude family year round (inside). I guess were mainly a (home nudist family). I do have close friends that I went to high school(we gettogether regularly & she & her husband/family are home nudists too. I/we have other close personal friends, co workers including (next door neighbors)on either side of us whom are home nudists too. My girlfriend & I not only love the fact that we can share/participate in home nudism with family & close friends, but they have always been open minded about it & supportive.

We know that every family household is different as are their beliefs(especially on family nudism/nudism in general) & everyone should respect that.

Blast from the past

When I finally had a chance to visit my old hometown I wanted to see the old familiar sites, and a particular place that I had always been curious about. I had never had the courage to check out the nearby nudist resort while I lived there, but now was my chance to make up for that missed opportunity. It's a very comfortable place, and after checking in and getting appropriately attired, I found my way to the pool and got myself a drink. As it seems to be with nudist establishments, the people are always most friendly and they made me feel completely welcome. As I was talking to a woman at the bar about her new marriage and her recent move to a nearby town, I hear a jovial voice from behind say, "and I always worried about finding you naked with my daughter!" I chuckled as if I got the joke, and as I turned around, I realized that there was my high school girlfriend's dad standing there. It was his wife that I had been talking to. There's always somthing awkward about meeting someone that you only knew when you were younger. Do you still refer to them as Mr, and what about all this nakedness that I now felt aware of? I mean, there's my ex-girlfriends dad naked, and his new wife naked, and I suddenly felt naked... After a brief jump of panic that people often feel when they come across someone that they know from the textile world, the moment passed and the comfort of nudism took over again. We laughed at the surprise, and how 20 years ago, the situation may have played out differently. We joyfully caught up on old times, and I realized to ask if his daughter was there too. "Well, no. " he informed me. She's not into nudism, and hadn't even ever been to the resort. She tolerated his at home nudism with a casual eye roll, and was glad that he found a lady friend that would get his nakedness out of the house more often. He then thought to give a little call. "Guess who I'm here naked with." He said into the phone. "It's you old boyfriend!". I said hello, we all laughed, and promised to see each other later sometime. Little did I realize that sometime would happen in about an hour. "Would you guys mind giving a hand over in the clubhouse", the bartender came by and asked. Always wanting to be of help, we popped over from the nudity required pool to the clothing optional clubhouse, to be greeted by another surprise. His daughter had made the trip over to the resort to say hi! I didn't think to bring my towel to cover up, and it was hard to tell who was more embarrassed, or who was having more fun at the others embarrassment. We laughed as she threatened to have brought our old math teacher along too. We considered fetching our towels, but reasoned that she was on nudist turf, and she should be the one to accommodate. Unsure wether she should, her father made a humorous declaration. "I forbid you to see my daughter... clothed. We'll be in the nude only area!" Long story short, she bought the next round.

Why are Americans so up-tight about being nude?

My first experience was when I was called to a Nudist Resort 9 miles from my home on a weekend for some people that had locked their keys in the car. After I got them in, the campground owner asked me if I'd like a tour and I was impressed at the comfort of the people there when they met me fully clothed. When I got home I told my wife about it and she suggested that we go there sometime as she had always wondered about being nude in public and not just in our private backyard. Our first time, a week later, was a lovely experience that neither of us will forget, and how comfortable we felt, and now we are hooked and love being nude in public, and want to host some indoor parties for people that would like to be nude in our cold winters.

Had friends try nude for the first time and they loved it

I have always been a nudest and I love it. I built my own nude hide away in my back yard. Nice tall fiance i love tanning in the nude. Where I live I have told all my neighbors that I am a nudest and if you come over always let out a yell, or what you see is what you see. Over time I have had quite a few neighbors ask me how can you be nude outdoors? And have you ever been nude around others? I tell them the truth yes nude in front of others is know big deal. And if they would try it they would love the experience. Of course most the guys say my wife will never expose herself to another guy. I reply being nude does not me a sex orgy. Being nude feels great and the feel of freedom is unbelievable. So one summer day I was out back tanning when I herd my neighbor couple call out Rick is it ok to come on around? I replayed sure give a second. They came on around and into my nude privet area and set down. They both said we didn't mean to disturb you but we have been talking about all you have told us about your nude life style. First how do we do this, being nude? I told them first you need to relax, and secondly you sure you want to be nude in front of me for the first time? They both responded with we did like you said we try it at home, and it felt good. We both wanted to go outside but unlike you we have no privet place to try it. I could tell they were both very nervous. I told them both if you want i will go inside and you two can be nude here by your selves. They said no we trust you and you can help us. I said ok the only way to do this is to just do it. Lets give it a go, I just stood up and removed my shorts. There you are here i am all nude no big deal. They both could only stair,and then said you are nude in front of us. I said it is no big deal it feels great. Well first his wife just stood up and off came her top. I said see feel great doesn't it.She said sure does then off came her shorts nude as can be. she told her husband get your cloths off. He stood up and took his cloths off. I told them both you guys look very nice. they did relax and we enjoyed the day. Now I have real nude neighbors. Life is good.


My wife's mother invited us up to enjoy her weekend lakefront rental. Knowing our preference of outdoor attire, she cautioned us that the porch would be visible from the lake. She did ask that when out on the porch that my wife wear one of her signature hats and sunglasses. (My mother in law has a grand collection of hats.) She figured that if a passer-by were to see anything, that, in her words, "I don't mind everyone thinking that I'm free spirted dame, and I want them to be impressed with how I look 30 years younger in my birthday suit."