The World of Nude Recreation As Told By You

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Best Skinny Dip Experience

Actually, one of the worst...

Our local club had a great cold weather idea to hold an indoor skinny dip and a local college took them up on it! What I thought was a great opportunity to have some mid winter naked time, and to market recreational nudity to a younger set, came across one small roadblock; we would need to provide our own lifeguards. Well, this didn't seem to be too much of a problem as there were two of us who were certified in the state. (Our state has a particularly cumbersome requirement that guards need to pass an additional state registration test, which limits the number of available staffers unfortunately). We quickly volunteered to staff the event, but... We quickly found out that the school has specific rules regarding people lifeguarding there that in addition to always having their rescue equipment on them at all times, they needed to have the school guarding uniform on at all times! To think that I was at a nude swim, and had to stay dressed the whole time. Tragic.

Midnight skinny dip.

It was back when I was a boy. My dad had a place on the lake in North Carolina. Me and my friends were down there with my dad. So one of the nights we were up. My friends dared me to skinny dip at night. They didn't think I would do it. But at midnight with my friends. That's what I did. Jumping off the dock. The feel of freedom. The water greeting me as I came down. Then I jumped off the top of the boat house into the water. Just hoped that there wasn't anyone taking a midnight cruise on the lake past my place that night. But it was fun. And not to long after that I got my friends to try it. All for one and one for all.

Season end with style

When our friends opened their pool early this summer I didn't realize that we helped them start a skinny dipping tradition. We would occasionally house sit for them, and had an open invitation to use their pool. While they were gone, we never bothered with swimsuits, and eventually only used their pool ourselves and in the nude. As the season came to a close they invited us over for a final dip. We had become so accustomed to not bringing along swimsuits that we completely forgot to bring any along. It was my wife who boldly if not absent mindedly announced that we forgot that we would need suits to swim 'this time'. After a reflexive shock and a laugh at the realization that we had been using their backyard as our personal nudist resort! We laughed and they let us know that they were ok with our secret skinny dipping. It was at that point, as they admitted to never having skinny dipped in their own pool, that they resolved to make the first and last dip of the year a skinny dip.

21st Birthday

I was celebrating my 21st Birthday at my sister's pool.She was celebrating earning her masters degree.We had only a few close friends left as the party wound down.My sister told me the remaining group wanted to skinny dip.I said no problem and happily lost my suit.This was not my first skinny dip,but my first with friends.For the better part of thirty years I have rarely worn a suit to swim.It is truly the best way to swim,you'll never want to wear a suit again.

First time with friends

First time with friends of both genders was at 29 to 30 years old was at night after a long fun afternoon of bar hopping by boat. Don't remember who came up with the idea. Likely it was me mainly hoping to see the others naked. Whoever it was, the idea was a hit and we wound up skinny dipping in a nearby pool. It was a blast with a lot of horseplay but absolutely nothing of a sexual nature. As said previously, the most appealing thing about the idea had been to see the others naked. But what really struck me that night and has stayed with me ever since was how good it felt to be naked in the water, just naked outside in general. And, much to my surprise, how quickly you become acclimated to your own nudity and the nudity of others. It quickly, literally, becomes no big deal. Plus, the oft repeated cliche of never wanting to wear a bathing suit again after swimming naked is absolutely true.