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This is a big year for political campaigns and elections-- both local and national--and showing support for your nudist-friendly candidates has never been more important.This November, let everyone know that nudists make a difference by wearing the Nudist & I Vote button to the polls when you cast your vote. You will also be making a difference since proceeds go to AANR's Legal Defense Fund, which helps ensure your right to enjoy nude recreation. Shipping and handling is included in your donation.

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To donate and receive your bumper stickers or button by mail, send a check with “Legal Defense Fund” in the subject line to:

1703 North Main Street
Kissimmee, FL 34744

Questions? Call 800-TRY-NUDE (800) 879-6833

NEW: Show your AANR pride with an AANR flag!

AANR flags now  for sale in a variety of sizes. Call the AANR office at 800-TRY-NUDE (800) 879-6833 for more information or to order.