A Moment for Reflection

I have had a pretty good year in terms of making memories. We were able to take the trailer on a 2,600-mile journey through California, Nevada, Utah, Colorado, Montana, Wyoming, Idaho, Washington, and Oregon, as well as a separate 4,700-mile trip to Indiana, Michigan, and the Mount Rushmore and Crazy Horse memorials. It seems the more things we cross off the bucket list, the more we add at the bottom.
November brings us a chance to reflect on those things we are thankful for, and to share them with you, the reader. For the last few years, we have opened our home to the local travel clubs we belong to – Northern California Exposure, our home AANR club, as well as The River Dippers club, affiliated with The Naturist Society Foundation, and hosted the Thanksgiving “no dressing” dinner. It’s when both clubs start their wintertime, indoor events, unless we managed to find a host for a Halloween party.
Later in the season, we will have indoor swims at a local swim club, as well as other house parties for Christmas, the annual planning meeting, and finally, Superbowl Sunday. The weather may turn cold, but we are thankful for members who step forward and open their homes to group events. We also use the winter events to collect food for food drives, and other community-based giving drives that traditionally ask for help this time of year. 
GAT is in education-mode this time of year. We are working on responding to bills filed early in the legislative sessions, before lawmakers started their winter recess, so we have information for them when they return on how their bills impact nudists. Indoor events usually give us a venue for educating members on what happened this last year, and what we see on the horizon for the year ahead. 
It’s heartwarming to get feedback on how happy members are for the things we do to protect nude recreation. We get comments on what members would like to see us focus our energies on, as well as hear how well they think we have done on fulfilling their previous requests for action. This is also a time to find new recruits for activists willing to lend a hand to GAT. I’m happy any time I hear from someone who wants to lend a hand, and all of the GAT team welcomes new voices added to the fight for nudists. 
As November signals the start of the thanksgiving, let’s all be thankful for the hard work of everyone who helps support nudists’ rights. Whether through GAT action, their work as a legislator, or through individual action to show nude recreation is healthy and normal, these are the people who make our nude time possible.