Traveling This Summer

Last month I was optimistic that members would be out and about before July started. In California there are still stay-in-place orders. 
While my situation is not letting me get out and about as much as I want to, I have made some trips to a local club – Laguna del Sol. Just like with legislation, it seems social interaction is a slow process in light of the coronavirus. I’m heartened by the actions of my fellow nudists at the club. While some want to return to freer times, most were aware that one cannot just ignore the virus as if it didn’t exist. I remember my grandmother talking about the 1918 flu pandemic, and they wore masks to public events for two years. 
My local community has already canceled events through August. The Strauss Festival is a big deal in my hometown of Elk Grove, California, and they canceled it for the first time in 34 years. I’m hoping that everyone will move past this and can enjoy the company of their fellow nudists at AANR conventions in late July and August.
The Government Affairs Team (GAT) checks in often, and they meet once a month online to discuss what is current in the regions. In each region, they have seen a variety of local opportunities reopen. Each state has its criteria, and GAT is watching to make sure nudists have a chance to enjoy customary locales.
GAT did have training sessions in May with the bill tracking provider and FiscalNote, and everyone who participated felt the sessions were helpful. GAT learned how to use some of the features and made suggestions for what else people would like to have them improve. I’m looking forward to a positive working relationship once GAT gets back to business as usual with legislators.
I hope everyone is doing well and staying safe and nude.