Over the years, ASA/AANR, its regions, clubs, and members have had fun with several fads. Sometimes ASA/AANR was the initiator, sometimes it was a region, club, or a member.  Some of you will remember all of the ones I mention here, but all of you will recall one or two. Enjoy a stroll down memory lane.
One of the early fads was banners. They were of all sizes and shapes and represented virtually any entity. At Conventions and other gatherings, these banners were tied to the netting around the volleyball court until it was sometimes difficult to see the game. The Midwest Region probably had the most fun with them, as the youngsters would kidnap them for a ransom. Never harmed, but often well hidden, the banner’s ransom was paid to get it back – only to have it kidnapped again the next night! The banner shown here is from Restful Haven Health Club in the Northwest. It is now known as Mountaindale Sun Resort.
Another early fad was embroidered patches. Everybody who was anybody had a patch jacket with patches sewed all over the front, back and sleeves. Several of these patch jackets now reside in either the American Nudist Research Library at Cypress Cove or at the Western Nudist Research Library at Glen Eden. The patch shown here is obviously older than AANR Western Canada, as it bears the former name of the region.
Probably the next fad came with folks being a bit more out of the closet about their weekend activities. But just because it was called a bumper sticker didn’t mean you had to stick it to your bumper. Many were attached to golf carts inside the clubs. Others were stuck to ice chests or picnic baskets. The same could be said for a similar item, the decal, which could be affixed to the inside of a car window. This bumper sticker is a non-traditional size but just right for a non-landed (aka travel) club like Travelites. 
Fairly recently, many clubs and regions, as well as AANR itself, have been offering temporary tattoos. These are interesting when they are put on and just as interesting when they are removed (or wear off), as the image of the tattoo is imprinted on the skin in the form of a reverse shadow that is tanned around. They are just as much fun as real tattoos and even those who are very tattooed like the novelty. The one from De Anza Springs was a big hit for several years at the Quartzsite RV Show. The AANR members running the booth always asked the parent or grandparent before giving one to a youngster.
Last, but not least, are what the textile society calls “Lapel Pins.” The one from Cypress Cove was a give-away for their 50th-anniversary event. Most nudists wear it on a hat since they lack a lapel. But the biggest bang that AANR gets out of pins is at the National Conference of State Legislatures (NCSL). Tim Mullins, AANR Trustee and Government Affairs Chair, has a complete set of all 22 of the annual pins. Perhaps he’ll bring his collection to the AANR Convention at Oaklake Trails. These are coveted by the attendees at the NCSL, and it is a tradition that is not going to fade – at least not in the near future. 
So we still do banners and bumper stickers and pins, but the others have faded away. Who can guess what the next fun fad for AANR nudists will be?

Taken from the AANR Monthly Bulletin, "Across the Board" brings information and thoughts from the Governing Board of AANR to you. The Board values your membership and wants to make sure that it is doing what is right for the members and clubs. The first step is good two-way communication.