Fun in the Sun

I can’t say I am thrilled with the outcome of the election, but I can say I am thrilled that AANR members accepted the challenge of getting out the vote. Earlier this year I wrote several articles on the responsibility of exercising your right to vote in your organizations. We had a phenomenal turnout this year. While 5 percent was good in previous years we had an 18 percent turnout this year. Across the regions, we had a total of 4,964 ballots recorded, there were 3,394 e-votes (internet and telephone; 68 percent) and 1,570 paper ballots (32 percent). This represents a commitment to our organization that all of us who ran and those of you who voted can be proud of. It shows that the issues we advocate for and the organizations we support are important to our members. Without member participation, our organization will not grow and flourish, and AANR needs to grow and listen to our members if we hope to remain effective in advocating for nude access and acceptance. Our partnerships and advocacy on behalf of nudists is our primary focus.
I accepted President-elect Kathy Watzel’s  offer to continue as Government Affairs Chair, so once we have reviewed our strategic goals, we will be fine-tuning how GAT will go about implementing the new policies. I’ve already spoken to a number of the new Government Affairs Team members and after the convention I will have more specific ideas and plans to share here with you, our members. My emphasis will be on achieving the most from the resources we have, and seeing where we can partner to get a wider dissemination of our information to nudists and those friendly to nude recreation. 
Government Affairs will continue to watch out for legislation that will support our efforts as well as work to defeat legislation that runs counter to nudists. I thank those of you who voted for me as well as those who voted for Kathy. Our commitment is to work for all nudists toward what is best for us, regardless of whether you voted or not, or your organization affiliation or lack thereof.